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11511 Lake Hazel Road, Boise, Idaho 83709
Phone: 208-362-6584   Email:

Mission Statement: Risen Christ Catholic Community is a parish dedicated to worship, education, service, and a communal life in response to God and the neighbor. Risen Christ, in union with the Diocese of Boise, is committed to the vision of Vatican Council II and the diversity of the Catholic experience.


Faith in Action

  • Honor Thy Father; Honor Thyself

    There were two men who frequented the same newsstand near their bus stop. Every weekday, they bought a newspaper and a cup of coffee. Over the years, they had become quiet friends. Frequently, they talked about the headlines or shared a laugh over a cartoon. Occasionally, they shared with one another things that they did not even tell their family.

    One Monday morning, the first man told the second man that he had to put his father in a nursing home over the weekend. He regretted that his elderly father had become so cranky and bossy. He continued that his father used to be a kind, gentle man. In fact, they were quite close growing up. But now, his father did nothing but complain about politics and the culture, and whine about his aches and pains. He went on to detail how the old man was exhibiting signs of dementia.

    The second man tried to listen with compassion and understanding. However, he had never known his father. He thought of his childhood, when he longed to have a father—any father. He envied this man standing next to him, complaining about his dad.

    After the first man had finished his rant, the second man offered a gentle reminder, "Be grateful for the time you have had with your father. I never knew mine." And the first man first felt shame, then joy in remembering what a gift he had in his dad. And his frustration and worry were replaced with gratitude.

Now Happening

  • Office Hours
    The office is open Monday through Thursday, from 8AM-4PM.
  • Risen Christ Parish Nurses
    Fantastic! In their ministry to our parish and the Saint Alphonsus Faith Community Nurses Program, Our Risen Christ nurses have volunteered a total of 712 hours. Wow! We are blessed for all they do for our parish and our community. Our parish nurses: Elaine Countryman, Terry Gallaher, Kay Goyden, Kathleen Higgins, Kimberly Jacobs, Mary Markowitz, Connie Maus, Linda Martin, Maureen Miller, Kara Nadeau, Pat Taylor, and Linda Van Buren.
  • Baptism Preparation
    Thursday, July 16, at 7:00PM. This class is available for all parents who wish to baptise their children from infants to age 6. Godparents are also encouraged to attend. To register, please contact the parish office, 362-6584.
  • Liturgical Ministers Needed
    We are in need of more Extraordinary (Eucharistic) Ministers, Lectors, Greeters, and Altar Servers. Please prayerfully consider how you might contribute toward these ministries and contact the parish office to volunteer. Thank you for sharing your gifts with our Risen Christ community.
  • Help Us Update Our Files
    Have you had a change of mailing address, email, or phone number? If so, please contact the parish office at 362-6584 or
  • Columbarium Niches
    You can purchase a niche in the Risen Christ Columbarium by contacting the parish office at 362-6584 for an information packet.
  • Knights of Columbus Medical Equipment
    If you or a loved one need medical equipment, the Knights have a variety to lend. Equipment donations are also gratefully accepted. For information, call Dale at 888-3782.
  • Risen Christ Prayer Chain
    Praying for the needs of others, as our Lord taught us, describes our Risen Christ Prayer Chain Ministry. If you are in need of prayer, contact Ginny at or 562-1044. You can also submit your requests by contacting the parish office at 362-6584.

Youth Ministry, Grades 7 thru 12

  • Classes
    Stay tuned for classes after summer break.

Religious Ed, Pre-K thru Grade 6

  • Classes
    Stay tuned for classes after summer break.


  • Future Events
    Watch this page for parish events in late summer/early fall.

Around Town

  • Diocese of Boise Job Postings
    ~ Superintendent of Catholic Schools: The successful candidate leads by personal witness to the Catholic faith and exhibits passion and compassion in articulating and supporting the mission of the diocese, especially in the areas of "calling each school/parish to conversion and to joyful sharing of the Good News by word and deed; and nurturing/supporting vital faith communities." Applicants should be accomplished educational leaders, spiritual role models, excellent communicators, and consummate educators.
    ~ Information Technology Technician: This position works at the Diocesan Pastoral Center and supports various customers in the Boise area. Candidates should understand Microsoft and Apple products and software, and be able to administer and maintain computers, servers, email accounts, and print servers. Applicants should also have a working knowledge of networking.
    ~ Applications and full job descriptions are available at
  • Bishop Kelly Summer Sports
    ~ Lacrosse for Boys: Monday, July 20 through Wednesday, July 22. Boys who have completed grades 3–6 are scheduled for half day, and boys who have completed grades 7–11 participate all day. For more information, contact
  • Men's Silent Retreat at Nazareth
    Friday, August 28 at 6:00PM through Sunday, August 30 at noon, at Nazareth Retreat Center. Fr. Sy (Cee) Nguyen will lead participants in the theme "My Yoke is Easy and My Burden Light." A registration fee of $95 covers meals only and $175 includes room and board. Register by July 1 on the retreat website or call 375-2932.
  • North American Shrines Pilgrimage
    Sunday, October 11 through Saturday, October 17, in Stockbridge, MA. Pilgrims will attend the Divine Mercy Conference on October 12 at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy and will hear talks about healing the family tree through Divine Mercy devotion. For more information, contact Eva Pera at 888-7823.
  • Rachel's Vineyard
    Friday, November 6 through Sunday, November 8, at Nazareth Retreat Center. If you or someone you love has been wounded by abortion, this retreat offers healing. Participation is confidential and offers an opportunity to experience God's love and forgiveness. For more information, contact Gerry and Susan Guzman at 983-9797 or Space is limited, so don't delay.
  • Holy Land Pilgrimage
    Tuesday, November 17 through Monday, November 30. Join this Boise-led group with Father Mauricio Medina as spiritual guide. Jason and Veronica Childers have planned a tour from Nazareth to Jerusalem and Jericho, Capernaum to Cana, and Galilee to Masada, with many places in between. To make your reservations, contact 957-3332 or

Mass Schedule


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8:30 AM
10:30 AM

Check online bulletin for daily Mass schedule.

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